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GoLSN.com – Do you want to sell or buy anything in your local location? Well, you do not need to do any hard way again if you want to sell or buy something. It is because you can do it with using www.golsn.com. It is special website for local seller and buyer. You can sell and buy many kinds of items through this website. However, if your interest is for selling item, you need to register first to this website. It is not hard to register through this website. You are also able to use this website feature without need to pay anything, but if you serious to sell something, then you can thing once more time to use smart account which make you need to pay.



Well, if you have no patient anymore to know about how to register through this website, then you can learn with us. We will share to you the way to register through this website and you can start selling after you have created account. To register in this website, you only need to have computer with good internet access and off course credit card when you prefer to use smart account. Here is the process to create account in this website if you have ensured that you have the entire requirements.

  • Visit www.golsn.com and press register button, which located in the top left side of the page.
  • You will need to choose to use basic account or smart account to start selling with using this website service. Basic account is free account that has some limitation if you compare it with smart account, which make you need to pay $12.95.
  • Once again, we want to say to you, if you really want to sell many items through this website, we suggest you to take smart account. It is because you will be able to promote 25 ads simultaneously. You are only able to promote 10 ads simultaneously when you are choosing basic account.
  • After you choose one from those account types, as usual, you will need to fill personal information form.
  • If you have finished entering the entire personal information, then you only need to submit it.

You can start selling after you have pressed submit button. Login to your account and start creating good ads to sell anything you want to sell in www.golsn.com.