Dlnet.delta.com Delta Air Lines


Dlnet.delta.com Employees of the Delta Air Lines travel company have the opportunity to receive, access and manage their own account through the Delta Net for employees’ portal Dlnet.delta. Upon accessing dlnet.delta.com, employees will begin the Delta Net employee portal login process that takes a couple of steps to complete. After they succeed in finishing the Dlnet Delta com login procedure, employees will have access to all of their necessary Human Resources information, employee benefits and other personal data.



The Dlnet Delta com Extranet portal page is destined only for authorized personnel and the Delta staff has strict guidelines regarding the internal content. Delta Dlnet explains that any violation of the terms and conditions clearly printed on their Dlnet.Delta.com Extranet landing page might result in employment termination. In order to access all of your employee information and more, you must go through a Delta Net employee portal login for security purposes. If you want to access the Delta Net employee portal and you are having troubles doing so, we have prepared a detailed Dlnet Delta com login walkthrough that you can discover below.

The moment you access the URL of the employee portal, you will right away be taken to the homepage of the site. On the left side of the page, the very first link that you can find is the “DeltaNet Employee Portal.” Under this section, you will be asked to select from two choices, which are:

• Employees
• Retirees

Current employees of the Delta Air Lines will need to click on the “Employees” link. When they click on this, dlnet.delta.com will take them to a new page that says “Delta Extranet”. They will have to provide their username and password before they can log in to access their account. On the other hand, retirees of the Delta Air Lines Company will need to click on the Retirees link so they will be able to log in to the portal as well.

Access to Records

The employees of Deltanet can access information about the airline company that is confidential for employees only when they access the extranet portal. This is quite helpful in improving the quality of their service, through proper evaluation of the information that the Deltanet employees can access.